Yesterday's media interest in the auction of an unusual and visually striking Auckland house likened to Fred Flinstone's place has prompted its owner to delay for a week because she expects more buyers to bid.

Sophie Jayawardene's home, also dubbed the ugliest house in New Zealand, featured yesterday in the Herald before spreading elsewhere.

She told how she had developed what she called the igloo and painted it in bright internal colours which she loved.

However, she also said the home had cost her dearly because it leaked and she blamed health issues for herself and her family on the place.


Agent Alex Yang of Barfoot & Thompson said today the home he described as "a disaster" would no longer be auctioned today.

Instead, it will now be auctioned next Tuesday at 1.30pm in Shortland St, based on the owner's decision.

"The owner's decided to move it till next week. There might be more buyers after all the media coverage," Yang said this morning.

In advertising material, Yang promoted the house as an opportunity for a developer.

The house is listed on OneRoof.

Yang says building work does not have code compliance certificates.

Photos show the house the two-level roughcast white circular structure wich the agent said is "Flintstone style", alongside a vastly contrasting wood structure.

"Forget about the $910,000 CV: we are talking'land and value only here," Yang said.


Auckland Council lists the land as being worth $790,000 and the structures at just $120,000. Rates are $2904/year.

Yang highlighted the property's proximity to the CBD, close motorway access, a local park across the road, to local golf courses and quality homes in a much-loved neighbourhood.

Interior photos show walls in vivid green and vibrant pink.