Vegan fast food chain Lord of the Fries is offering franchise opportunities in New Zealand for $280,000 to $360,000, plus GST and stock.

The brand was established in Melbourne in 2004 and launched in New Zealand in 2016.

There are four stores already in the country – two in central Auckland, one in Wellington and one in Queenstown – and there are plans to develop new stores. There are more than 20 stores in Australia.

Broker Rafiq Bhamani, of Link Hospitality division, says Lord of the Fries is a unique concept with a committed focus on quality.


"Its unique selling proposition is that it is 100 per cent plant-based," he said.

"By making all items in each store identical bulk buying becomes cheaper and easier.

"Lord of the Fries is an ethical, fast food restaurant serving up the best fries, award-winning plant-based burgers, hot dogs and sides.

"The franchise is acknowledged as the most successful plant-based fast food chain in Australia and New Zealand."

Marketing assistance is also available with advice, documentation and support there to help franchisees to pursue marketing initiatives in their regions or to participate in nationwide advertising to help grow the brand.

The current New Zealand stores enjoy the benefits of regular customers from residential and corporate areas as well as online deliveries.

The restaurants have an enthusiastic fan-base of vegans and vegetarians. "In addition, the business attracts religious vegetarians who will not eat in establishments that cook meat. Lord of the Fries is certified Halal and Kosher."

A new store offers reasonable cost-entry and a turn-key business to prospective franchisees, and all business red-tape, setup and system is taken care of by the franchisor.


A detailed training programme takes new owners through all aspects of operating a Lord of the Fries store.

Kitchen training gives valuable insight on how how food is prepared and how operating costs can be controlled.

The franchise investment can vary to some degree depending on the location, size and layout of the store and what existing lessor works and services are in place.

Lord of the Fries has the power to negotiate rent-free periods and/or landlord contributions, which can go a long way to lower the initial investment.

Operating profit is determined by many factors, including operation location, gross sales, occupancy costs, wages, other miscellaneous costs and the commitment of the franchisee.

"As New Zealand's only 100 per cent plant-based fast food chain, Lord of the Fries are perfectly poised to ride the popularity wave of plant-based foods throughout New Zealand."

The franchise agreement runs in conjunction with the lease which is typically anywhere from 5-10 years.