As we look back at 2018 we can see it was this year that a corner was turned in the housing market following almost five years of rampant price growth.

The market is calmer now, sellers are modifying their price expectations, and mortgage interest rates are still at historically low levels. I predict little change to rates during 2019, if anything they may even come down below 4 per cent — particularly if New Zealand feels the chill of growing economic rumbles out of China, the US and Europe.

But it is great to see that apartment buildings are starting to rise across Auckland and new housing estates are being created. Developers are also starting to factor in the sale price of their homes; building homes that fall into a lower price bracket to meet the market — particularly for first time buyers.

Buying a first home is a tough business; no matter what decade you look at. Getting the deposit togther takes determination, often some level of personal sacrifice, focus and time. Where there is a will there is a way. Easier said than done, I know. But there is no better feeling than closing the door on you own home at the end of the day.


For many of you the house-hunting will continue into the New Year. And whether you are buying, or selling (or both); the team at Herald Homes and wish you good fortune for 2019.