A high-end island resort described 'as one of the jewels of the Fijian archipelago', is on the market.

New Zealand Sotheby's International Realty agent Chester Rendell is selling Toberua Island Resort, a state-of-the art facility with more than 2ha of freehold land.

"Owning a Fijian island is a wistful dream for many but here's the means to turn it into reality," Rendell says.

Fiji's two main islands — Viti Levu and Vanua Levu — tend to be where the tourists interested in nightclubbing and shopping gather.


"Then there's the other side of Fiji — more remote islands, where palm trees and white sandy beaches abound. Toberua Island is among the very best of these, home of a beautiful and renowned tourist resort many regard as the stuff of tropical dreams."

Rendell says that, after 10 enjoyable and profitable years developing an ideal holiday experience there, the owners have decided to move on to new challenges.

"That means this resort, including the business, land, buildings and chattels are on the market lock, stock and barrel."

He says the 16 guest bures enable holiday makers and visitors to step from their front door, onto white sparkling sand, then venture further into the tropical waters.

The island sustains a beautiful and renowned tourist resort. Photo / Supplied
The island sustains a beautiful and renowned tourist resort. Photo / Supplied

"Supreme comfort and amazing views are guaranteed. Everything has been upgraded and modernised, while still keeping the traditional Fijian charm. It's all complete — the water, power and sewerage systems; the office and communications systems and transport to-and-from the island.

"Just some regular maintenance should keep Toberua Island Resort on top of its game for a long time to come."

To complete the experience, the resort offers a comprehensive holiday package, says Rendell.

This includes fine dining and an extensive bar; a gym, boutique and dive shop and the opportunity to swap salt water for a dip in the resort pool.


"There's the romance of dinner-for-two at the end of a pier set over the magnificent waters, where guests can either gaze out to sea and imagine future adventures; or look back at the golden lights of the resort reflecting in the ocean.

However, many avenues for owners or managers to explore still remain, he says.

"There's weddings for example; the resort restaurant can cater for large groups which want the privacy and intimacy of private celebration space. Also, anniversaries and honeymoons; couples keen to swap the high life for an idyllic romantic escape are regulars, and there are numerous other guest categories, such as group conferences and prize packages. This lush tropical paradise is surrounded by the sparkling Pacific waters that offer extraordinary diving or tropical swimming.

"It is just off the eastern side of the main island of Viti Levu, and the hustle and bustle all seems to dissipate heading for Toberua."

He says flights from Auckland to Suva take about three hours, and from there it is a mere 45-minutes, by taxi, then a boat ride to the resort."

For the eventual new owners, further development, and thereby an increase in occupancy and profitability are a possibility.

"After all, there are more than 2ha to play with and an existing infrastructure that could well cope, further bures could be built.

"These could be built in tropical garden surroundings (a white sandy beach or the resort pool is never more than a stroll away), or for the adventurous, bures over the water would complement the existing dining piers."

Rendell says Toberua Island Resort has good occupancy and profitability, with Trip Advisor giving a 97 per cent approval rating: "excellent" 88 per cent, plus "very good", 9 per cent.

The present resort managers are keen to stay, although new owners couldtake over management.

"The managers have their own private, three-bedroom bure as part of the package."