“Population NZ's population is increasing by one person every five minutes and 26 seconds. In the next few months we'll have five million people. This five-part series looks ahead to what the nation will be like when that milestone is reached and recalls what it was like every time it added a million people to its population. Lincoln Tan talks to some of those who were here for the four-million mark in 2003

The population clock hit four million in 2003, but it was sex in New Zealand that made headlines around the world, recalls Kiwi event specialist Shaughan Woodcock.

Woodcock, an LGBTQ advocate best known for being a producer for the Auckland Pride Parade, remembers it as a time when the rainbow community was fighting for a voice.

"We had just lost the Hero Parade a couple of years earlier, which was a major vehicle helping the community gain acceptance," he said.

The annual Hero Parade, which started in 1992, was attended by about a hundred thousand people annually, but had to