Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and partner Clarke Gayford celebrated their baby news with flowers from the dairy and takeaway burgers.

Ardern announced she was pregnant with her first child, due in June, on Friday.

The couple celebrated the big news in a very relaxed fashion.

"He bought me home a burger and some flowers from the dairy so that was lovely," Ardern told the Herald on Sunday adding "they were nice dairy flowers".

"It's only the second time Clarke has bought me flowers so it was actually quite a big deal."


And they weren't the only gifts. A box of donuts and a handmade card from a child offering name suggestions were among items dropped off at the Prime Minister's Auckland home yesterday.

Ardern was 19 weeks along as of yesterday.

She discovered she was pregnant just six days before she became Prime Minister-elect. Winston Peters announced NZ First would form a coalition with Labour on October 19.

The country erupted in celebration when Ardern announced she was going to be "Prime Minister and a mum" on social media on Friday.

"We didn't know how it would be received and we talked about that a little bit…we wondered whether or not people would be happy or whether we would be criticised, we just genuinely didn't know. It's been really nice," said Ardern.

"I've seen negative stuff as well but it's been outweighed by the positive so that's nice."

A number of well-wishers called Ardern a "role model" and "trailblazer" on social media, following the announcement.

"I saw some comments about being superwoman and I think sole parents are true superwomen and men.

"I've got lots of help and support around me and yes, I'm rare - that's because not many people have the privilege of doing this job - but I think there are plenty of people who are supermen and women every single day and particularly sole mums."

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and partner Clarke Gayford are expecting their first child in June. Photo/Doug Sherring
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and partner Clarke Gayford are expecting their first child in June. Photo/Doug Sherring

The couple haven't started baby shopping yet but Ardern said her mum had.

"My mother is doing enough of that for five new parents.

"Our goal, as much as possible, is just to many others do, why shouldn't we."

Ardern said Gayford's sisters had offered them some of their kid's hand me downs. She said they had also lined up some baby necessities including a highchair and bassinet.

A friend had messaged Arden to say they had bought the baby an infant's lifejacket – a gift that would no doubt come in handy for fishing mad and future stay-at-home-dad Gayford.

And, the couple's parents have been giving them some tips.

"Mum's great. She's one of these people that just gets stuck in and helps but also lets you find your own way. She's certainly wanting to make sure I look after myself but that's what mums do," said Ardern.

Gayford said his mum had been knitting the couple a shawl.

"But she has had to hold the secret so she's been hiding it whenever someone comes around," he said.

The pair know the baby's gender, but are keeping that to themselves. The baby will have Gayford's surname.