Following on from his many varied and successful ventures Gareth Morgan is in the throes of setting up "The Opportunities Party" with his sights set on Parliament.

John Key retires and a new leader arises.

It's very exciting with Gareth already taking the trouble to explain what "talking politics in the TOP way" means:

•"Be nice";
•"talk ideas and policy, not personality";
•"stick to the evidence";
•"avoid name-calling".


He promises a kinder, gentler politics with the focus on policy not nastiness.

Gareth has also taken to Twitter to explain for voters his party's first policy.

To Tessa Burrows: "Pse have the self control to read & comprehend b4 u blab. Thankfully the av public is smarter."

To Ross Marks: "do your homework dickhead, TM [TradeMe] is less than 1/4 of my wealth."

To Andrew Riddell: "if you'd read the book you'd know why dropkick. Typical tall poppy crap for a kiwi nobody."

To Bryce Pearce: "yeah let's not talk about the arguments, let's just be bitchy. Jesus you're a w***er."

To Locrates: "Abuse is the lowest form of intellect. Try counselling."

To Dermott Renner: "Sure, some of the top 20% don't give a damn. Charming model for your children." "Boy, some nutters out there."


On ACT's Dr Jamie Whyte: "He's against fairness. He's a moron like all libertarians."

To Thomas Mead: "Try arguing & u better know what you're talking about. I do & there's no time here for fools."

To Marchmain: "I answer fire with fire, always have. If u have a question ask it, otherwise FO - is that so hard?"

Yes. Be nice. Talk policy. Don't name-call.

Gareth has so many ideas, so much advice, it's hard to keep up with them all, even for him.

He says, "Some people know me as 'that rich guy, 'the father of that guy that sold Trade Me' or 'the guy that wants to kill cats', but of course there is more to me than these few things."

Yes, indeed.

And who would have thought that 140 characters on Twitter could reveal so much.