Justice Minister Judith Collins has been accused of potentially breaching conflict of interest rules for Cabinet ministers after a visit to a company her husband is a director of while in China.

One News reported that while Ms Collins was in China last October she visited the offices of Oravida, a New Zealand company which exports milk products to China. Her husband, David Wong Tung, is a director of Oravida and the company later put up a photo of Ms Collins claiming she had tasted and endorsed their products.

It is against Cabinet Manual rules to endorse any product. Labour MP Grant Robertson said there was a perception of a conflict of interest. "Ministers have to be up front. Perception matters.''

Ms Collins said she was not aware of the photo and would ask for it to be removed if it breached Cabinet guidelines.


"I certainly don't endorse any products other than the fact I always try and help New Zealand companies trying to export.''

Prime Minister John Key said he did not believe Ms Collins' husband's directorship of Oravida created a conflict of interest.

"It doesn't preclude her dropping in. There is no commercial value there.''

Ms Collins told One News she visited a lot of New Zealand companies and it was "completely appropriate''.

Oravida has donated to National in the past.