For most Maori New Zealand justice is unfair, biased and prejudiced, says Maori Affairs Minister Pita Sharples who has announced a plan to push for a review of the entire system.

In a statement he said the system including, police, courts and corrections "systematically discriminates against Maori".

Maori offenders were arrested at three times the rate of non Maori for the same crimes, he said.

They were also more likely to have police contact, to be charged, to lack legal representation, not to be granted bail, to plead guilty and to be convicted, said Sharples.


A transformed justice system should include Maori practices, principles and programmes "by Maori, for Maori, with Maori".

The party was also looking to advance several policies including, three-strikes legislation, supporting whanau- focused services for alcohol and drug addiction, reviewing police use of tasers and guns and fostering literacy and numeracy in prisons.