Labour leader Phil Goff supports Green MP Catherine Delahunty's bill aimed at achieving equal pay for men and women, even though his own party's tactics would prevent it from progressing.

Every second sitting Wednesday the House considers local and private bills and members' bills drawn from a ballot.

But members' bills are all gathering dust at the moment as Labour has been trying to block the passage of Act MP Heather Roy's Voluntary Student Membership Bill.

Labour's filibustering has been going on for several months, which Mrs Roy said was wasting millions of taxpayers' dollars.

"It's all very well Phil Goff wanting to do these things, but he needs to talk to his colleagues and get them to stop filibustering if he wants the bill to be drawn from the ballot," Mrs Roy said.

"Every private member is suffering and it's the only chance for members to get their issues debated." The last ballot for members' bills was in November last year.

Mr Goff said Labour would support Mrs Delahunty's bill to a select committee stage, but had no intention to change tactics over voluntary student membership.

"We've got an opposition to a bill that's being promoted by Act, and we'll fight that one tooth and nail."