Vittoria Shortt - the new chief executive of ASB - earned nearly $3 million in total remuneration during the seven months before she stepped up to lead the local branch of the bank.

Shortt, who moved from a group executive role at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia to head up the ASB bank in February, earned A$2.7m ($2.98m) between July and when she jumped the Tasman to take on the current job.

That pay packet - which a spokesman said does not include what she was paid for her part-year at ASB - was more than double her total statutory remuneration of A$1.38m in the 12 months to June 2017, CBA's annual report reveals.

A large part of Shortt's 2018 package was a A$2.12m share-based payment from a long-term variable remuneration reward right.


An ASB spokesman said that included deferred incentives, which will vest between 2019 and 2022. They are at risk and subject to performance conditions, he said.

Outside of that Shortt's base pay took a cut falling from A$1.03m to A$519,611.

Her superannuation payment also fell from A$25,000 to A$14,863 while her car parking benefit dropped from A$15,909 to A$9,913.

Shortt's package doesn't include what she earned as ASB chief executive. That information won't be available until August next year - if the bank decides to publish them.

Prior ASB chief executive Barbara Chapman, who headed up the bank for seven years, never had her pay revealed as her role didn't meet the threshold under ASX reporting requirements.

CEO remuneration figures for the three other major banks - ANZ, Westpac and BNZ, won't be released until later this year as they have a September 30 financial year.

But last year ANZ New Zealand chief executive David Hisco received remuneration of A$3.84m ($4.23m) in the year to September 30 down from A$4.07m in 2016.

Westpac's David McLean earned A$2.1m ($2.31m) in the year to September 30, down from A$2.18m in 2016.

While outgoing BNZ chief executive Anthony Healy saw his remuneration increase from A$2.38m ($2.62m) in 2016 to A$2.77m ($3.05m) in the year to September 30, 2017.

Healy swapped jobs with new BNZ chief executive Angela Mentis at the start of this year, heading back to its parent company National Australia Bank.