ANZ's boss in this country David Hisco was paid $4.27m this year, down slightly on what he earned in 2016.

The latest annual report from ANZ reveals that Hisco, New Zealand chief executive, received remuneration of A$3.84m ($4.27m) in the year to September 30. That was down from A$4.07m in 2016.

ANZ made $1.78 billion in 2017 - a record profit for the bank - which was up 15 per cent on the $1.54 billion on the prior year.

The country's largest bank made a net profit of $1.78 billion in the year to September 30 - up from $1.54b in the prior year.


Hisco's pay is one of the highest in New Zealand but still pales in comparison to that of Fonterra chief executive Theo Spierings - New Zealand's highest paid chief executive.

Spierings was paid $8.32 million in 2017 - an annual increase of 78.5 per cent on 2016.

His remuneration included a base salary of $2.463m, benefits of $170,036, short term incentive pay of $1.832m and long term incentive pay of $3.855m.

That pay equates to $160,000 per week.