Toying with shortage

"Steady Ted has disappeared from our sign by Alexandra Park in Greenlane Rd," writes Vicki. "He was last seen wearing his high-viz and had a good strong safety harness. We know there is a shortage of construction workers but this is ridiculous."

Divorce China-style

Getting a divorce is never easy, but it is particularly difficult at a court in China where a magistrate makes the husband and wife take an exam, which they must fail before their divorce is approved. The Sichuan Province judge had noticed divorce cases were taking a lot of court time. He wanted couples to think twice before ending their marriage, and give them an opportunity to reminisce about the good times they had together. He came up with a series of questions the couple must answer separately. If they score under 60, he approves their divorce application. If not, the couple have to keep working on their marriage, whether they like it or not. The written exam includes questions such as family members' birthdays, favourite foods, anniversaries, and in-depth ones like, "What did you do right/wrong in the relationship?" and "What is marriage and family to you?". (Oddity Central)

Flip Flops ideal footwear for MPs

Politicians are known for flip-flopping back and forth on issues and because of President Trump's Twitter history is a goldmine of contradictions, a group of clever entrepreneurs came up with President Flip Flops - slip ons featuring conflicting Tweets on each foot.

Speed signs slow in coming

What is the expected timeframe for "soon" on a road sign? A reader writes: "Auckland Transport road signs appeared along Porchester Rd, Takanini between Manuroa Rd and Alfriston Rd advising that 'Speed limit changes coming soon. Watch for signs'. These were installed in late May and now at least one has had "artwork" added to it. Four months later motorists are still waiting for the new speed limits to be applied leaving us wondering what sort of time frame Auckland Transport applies to the word "soon".


The fact that the signs have appeared would suggest that the new speed limit (whatever that is) has been approved so there should be no reason for unnecessary administration input to be the reason for a four month (and counting) delay."

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