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Oh my, what a Super Tuesday for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The have cleaned up the majority of the 13 states to hold the Republican and Democrat primaries and caucuses today.

Ted Cruz predictably took out his home state of Texas, and he picked up Oklahoma, but it's generally thought the Cruz is unelectable.

Marco Rubio, well he didn't win a thing, he can't win a thing, which makes Rubio unelectable also.


If I was a betting guy, I'd be punting the house on a Trump v Clinton Presidential race.

It is hard to see how Trump can be knee capped now. I suppose there is the nuclear option - the GOP conjure something up to scuttle Trump at the 11th hour. It's possible. The establishment hate Trump. And the guy who's running second, Cruz, they hate him also. The GOP is in a right spin.

It's always been odds on that Clinton will get the Democrat nomination but Trump, was seen as a joke, a one-day wonder that would fall apart.

It's a remarkable thing - Trump is not a nice guy. His street style fighting is punctuated with outlandish statements that are undeniably untruths.

The fact that Trump is still trending upwards and looking like the Republican nominee I can only put down to voters repugnance towards mainstream politicians. They are sick of the weasel words.

The more Trump throws the insults around, the more support he gets. Most of the stuff he's promising he can't deliver on, so it's hard to work out why the voter thinks he can.

In the last week we have seen a nasty, bitter campaign by Republicans - both Rubio and Cruz have both climbed down into the gutter with Trump and flung insults and drivel too.

The only two Republican candidates with any decorum, John Kasich and Ben Carson are simply making up the numbers and should have pulled the pin a while ago.

Interesting that Trump's victory speech was toned down. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie by his side, maybe he's had a word to The Donald.

Over on the Democrat side, the Clinton Dynasty thunders on, and while Bernie Sanders thinks he's still got a chance, I don't think so.

Clinton v'll be a hell of a fight.

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