That's it: I am no longer faithful and true to the Queen's heirs and successors. The Queen is an amazing woman, a living and breathing piece of history. I greatly admire her. She gives us no pain and a local president would likely prove problematic.

But Prince Charles is a royal trainwreck. He has torn it for me. He is too stupid and too whacky to be a king commanding respect.

It was his claim that the terror of Isis is the world's fault for not dealing to climate change that did it.

He says if only we had listened to him - some 20 years ago - and de-industrialised - then gays would not be thrown off buildings, innocents would not be beheaded and the major cities of Europe not terrorised.


That's a special sort of stupid.

The Prince was asked whether he saw a link between climate change, conflict and terrorism, to which he answered, "absolutely".

I don't begin to understand the barbarity of Isis. But I haven't heard of these terrorists screaming for the world to commit to Kyoto before self-immolating themselves and everyone nearby.

They don't say to poor innocents: "We wouldn't be beheading you if you had cut greenhouse gases 20 per cent."

Whatever their beef, it's not the world's failure to meet greenhouse gas targets.

Admittedly, the Prince's explanation is a little more indirect - he says climate change supposedly squeezes resources and provides fertile ground for terror organisations to fester and grow. But even this argument topples over.

There have been droughts, famines, pestilence, plague and immense suffering throughout recorded history without the barbarity of Isis.

Whatever the complex cause, it's a stretch to blame the weather - or, more particularly, greenhouse gas emissions.


I could forgive the Prince if he was just given to saying foolish things. I have especial affection for his father. And I didn't give up on the Prince when I learned he talked to his plants. His oxymoronic support for "alternative medicine" didn't cause me to reject monarchy.

I even looked past his saying mankind had less than eight years to save the planet - six years ago.

But blaming terrorism on climate change isn't just stupid: it excuses and gives comfort to terrorists. It's the ultimate blame-the-victim. By that argument, the terror attack on Paris was France's fault and every other country's, too. The victims' governments and their families should have done more to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

In the Prince's twisted world-view the terrorists are a product of our failure to follow his call to hobble our economies and live a lifestyle he himself resolutely refuses to do.

The Prince is a dangerous, stupid, hypocrite. He gives succour to brutal terrorists. He disrespects the victims, their families, and their communities. He disgusts me.