The threat of demise has been a great boost for John Campbell. His show is rating higher than it has for years.

TV boss Julie Christie has succeeded in making Campbell Live reality TV. Will he go? Will he stay? Will he cry?

It's brilliant.

Campbell Live is back in the news. It's not his content. It's him. People tune in to see how he's holding up. I would watch but I don't have a television.


Campbell Live has gone viral. The blogs, Facebook and Twitter are alight. It's gone interactive. There are petitions circulating: Save Campbell Live.

There's politics. "It's because he holds Government to account. That's why the corporate bosses are firing him." It's a Left versus Right thing.

Conspiracy theories abound. "The Prime Minister is behind this." And big business. Especially the banks. It's the Little Guy against the Big Guys.

It's a TV marketing dream: reality TV with no one realising. Not even Campbell is in on the gag. That's what makes it so real.

It's the best of all worlds. We have the show and we have the drama of reality TV.

Campbell has hired as his lawyer former TV One political editor Linda Clark. She's made for television.

Who's going to win? Christie or Campbell? What will be the pay-out?

TV3 will need someone equally media savvy to represent it. There will be the courtroom drama and we need the talking heads live on the box battling for our hearts and minds.


Who's right? Who's wrong?

It has a way to go yet. It's still developing. We need fireworks.

Twenty-three percent of people in a Herald-Digipoll survey say Campbell needs a co-host "to make it more fun". Brilliant. I am thinking Julie Christie. I would buy a TV for that.

Imagine the on-air friction. The looks, the subtle digs. To heck with content, the show would be these two. Christie could call him a soft-headed, dribbling, greenie dinosaur. Ratings would soar.

The women's magazines would have them on the cover.

Graham McCready would prosecute one or other of them, or perhaps both. Susan Devoy would offer to mediate. The twists and turns are endless.

There will be a need for a romance to blossom. Ideally, it would be a same-sex couple. Two good-looking women would do wonders for the target demographic. The women's mags would go into orbit.

There could be spin-offs and tie-ins. Campbell and Christie could renovate a house, backpack a poor country, learn to salsa, and be multimedia agony aunts.

Julie Christie: TV genius.