Taking care of business

A high school student in South Carolina was arrested and suspended from school over an assignment in which he claimed to have killed his neighbour's pet dinosaur. Alex Stone, 16, says he was told to write something in the style of a Facebook status update for a project at Summerville High School. But when he allegedly wrote: "I killed my neighbour's pet dinosaur. I bought the gun to take care of the business," worried teachers called the police. Officials questioned Stone and searched his schoolbag and locker but didn't find any weapons. Police say the boy was "difficult" during questioning, so he was arrested. (Source: BBC.co.uk)

Safety offline

"As a teacher in middle management at a high school I recommend to parents that they take their children's phone off them at night," writes a reader. "Apart from the constant and nagging urge to check them every half an hour that every student attached to a smartphone seems to have, there is another safety aspect to it. Some of the nastiest bullying happens via mobile devices - in the middle of the night - where you as parents can't safeguard or talk through what is happening."


One man's trash ...

"Did I just read someone complaining about the inorganic collection [in yesterday's Sideswipe] refer to other human beings as 'undesirables?', like we live in some 1940s era Enid Blyton novel?" asks a commenter. "Instead of acting like Scrooge McDuck maybe you should question why people need to fight over a filthy old mattress lying on the side of the road. And why would it even bother you that someone is taking your inorganic rubbish that you have already thrown away? Look at it as a form of recycling."

David Lane was in Rarotonga last week and saw this ad for a BMW in the Cook Islands News.

Stacey noticed this van on Morningside Drive ...