Qualities that attract


"I find a soft-spoken man sexy as hell. For me, someone who doesn't talk just to fill the silence is incredibly attractive. It indicates a whole bunch of qualities. A good listener, quiet confidence, no need to prove anything, a thinker. No need to be the centre of attention or be entertained. All those things are important to me."



"Some women smell like canned sunshine. It's hard to describe if it's a perfume thing or a familiar soap ... I don't think it's really a pheromone thing either, because some smells trigger emotions more than just sexual desire. Like a new car smell (even though that's just the carpet glue) or the way babies smell. Well, some women have that and without even looking at them or interacting with them in any way, you just want to be next to them."


"Modesty. If you're good at something, great. That's incredible. If you have to tell people for a half-hour about how great you are at something, my opinion of you lowers so much."


"Someone who isn't fake to people and who tries to be as nice as possible without being a greaser."

(Source: Reddit.com)

Overheard in the office


"Newmarket's an effluent suburb."


"Pretty sure you mean affluent."


Stares blankly.

Rejected brothel customer on warpath
A London man sent an angry email to his local council after he was turned down by an Eastern European woman at a brothel. A source at the Harrow Council said: "He told us he believed he had been refused and was angry about the fact. He insisted that prostitutes shouldn't be able to behave like that. The man said he had travelled from a neighbouring borough in north London so was obviously a bit upset by his wasted trip." Councillor Susan Hall said: "I would like the gentleman involved to visit Harrow again, but perhaps this time he could enjoy some of our more wholesome pursuits - like our wonderful open parks, leisure centres and historic churches." (Source: Metro.co.uk)

"My flatmate found this cute phone on the corner of Kitchener Ave and Fowlds Ave in Sandringham. With no means of identifying the owner, we thought we'd try Sideswipe. The phone is password protected so I guess the owner will be the one who knows how to unlock it." Contact Sideswipe if it's yours.
Video: BBC blooper...

In case you missed it: TVNZ media personalities read mean tweets about themselves (aka Jimmy Kimmel style) ...Instead of sharing my own opinion on this and it be misconstrued, I will defer to this response from comedian Tim Batt...

Try-hard marketing: After realising sales for razors were dropping because of the current hipster beard trend Gillette decided to try convince men they need to shave their other grossly hairy body partsto be attractive (sound familiar ladies?)...Don't buy in dudes!
Video: From the Norwegian TV show Kollektivet a music video that parodies the desire for appreciation, even for everyday things that everyone should do.

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