A tale of two companies and a burst water pipe. "The reason our Mt Eden home was starting to resemble a sauna inside - a burst water pipe discovered under our house," writes Warwick. "And not just water, but very hot water. We don't know if it had been pouring into the porous lava field that is Mt Eden for a week, or a month. A proactive call to Watercare in expectation of an eye-watering water bill and they sent a rebate form same day to negate the extra unfortunate water usage. A similar call to Meridian Energy about the expected jumbo power bill. Their suggestion - contact your insurance company, we don't do rebates. Climb on board the Meridian float, folks, profits are king, not service."

Tweets worth repeating
1. "Ice maiden Judith Collins says Labour leader contenders have strengths and weaknesses - strengths? They breathe oxygen, she hissed!" (Political reporter @barrysoper)
2. "The fact you have to cover your baby's ears is perhaps a good indicator babies do not belong at Fashion Week ... Perhaps." (TVNZ's Joanna Hunkin @Hunkies - News)
3. "Who would you have cast to play Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey in the upcoming '50 Shades' film?" asks ABCWorldNews. "Jerry Seinfeld and Roseanne Barr," quips NZ journalist Philip Matthews (@secondzeit)
Rubbish collector a ray of sunshine for family
"As one of your readers noted a few weeks ago, Auckland Council recently changed Sandringham's rubbish collection contractors without notice," writes Bella. "This has left my young children forlorn, and me feeling sad too. For at least the past four years, our lovely rubbish truck driver stopped, waved and tooted to my girls as they stood at the front door to see him, making their day. I really wish we had known he wasn't coming back, so we could have thanked him properly for taking a few seconds out of his day to make three little people very happy. Hopefully he's out there and reads this."
Picture this #1: OMG! UFO spotted in Seattle...

Good ideas: Pirate CT Scanner for kids...

Video: Seahorses are one of the very few species in which the male both incubates the eggs and then actually gives birth to their offspring.

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