"Our friend Vaughn bought these $40 boots described as having 'upper leather-lining textile-Outsole synthetic' from The Warehouse at Matamata, where everyone gets a bargain. He sure didn't. After 12 days of wear and suffering from sore feet and back, the thin rubber sole peeled back to reveal wood. He said he wouldn't be able to return them because he didn't have the receipt. I would be down there demanding they stop selling this product and a refund."

Model plane causes power chaos

A press release from Vector: "Our electrical response crews attended one car v pillar and seven car v poles incidents during the week ... In perhaps the most unusual incident of the week, a remote-controlled aircraft flew into powerlines in Clevedon, causing an area outage. The model aircraft did not survive the crash." (Via Scoop.co.nz)

$200 fine for incorrectly displayed rego riles driver


"Er, they do actually ticket you for crooked regos," says a reader. "Here's proof what the council hands out $200 fines for. It's clear to see it's not out of date, and hardly a $200 offence! Simply had fallen out of its plastic holder without us noticing. Shocking, how dare we let such a terrible thing happen!" So let's review this case based on the Land Transport Motor Vehicle Registration and Licensing Regulations of 2011 which says the rego must be "displayed on the inside of the windscreen, as close as practicable to the bottom right-hand corner of the windscreen - when viewed from the outside and front of the motor vehicle". Check. And must be "displayed in an upright, easily visible position". Failed on its lack of perpendicular-ness.

No sympathy for bald spare tyre

Yesterday Tristan was incredulous that his brand new WOF-ed and registered car was ticketed for a substandard spare ... "I am simply amazed that someone would think that it could be in any way legal to drive on a bald spare tyre," writes a reader. "It would make sense for a tyre with enough tread to be legal to be used as a spare. It would also make sense when changing a tyre to use the spare to enable you to travel directly to a repair shop. How any police officer or parking warden could possibly know that you haven't been driving on that bald spare for weeks and weeks is beyond me."

Picture this: This kid's poster of the planets has a really cute detail...

Egg fancier: What could be better than starting the day with a Sunnyside Egg Shaper (happiness in a no-carb breakfast)

Local Viral: Karen Wants Her Twenty Dollars Back - animated version. (NSFW language and fairly unnervingly nasty, be warned sensitive readers who haven't seen the audio-only original, near the end its not for those with language sensitivities)

Video: How to be art...

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