David spotted this sign (above) at the Meadowbank Countdown. Thank heavens for Onecard "specials". This 5c discount should help those on a budget.

Animal instinct? Still unreliable
Remember Richie McCow? The bovine totem for the All Blacks at the World Cup last year who "predicted" results, and got more right than wrong. Step forward Yvonne the cow, Germany's "psychic" results predictor for the European soccer championships, who eats from two troughs to predict Germany's results. (Yvonne's first test didn't go so well, predicting Portugal over Germany - Germany won 1-0. So much for animal instinct.) Other animals being put through their psychic paces in the Euros are a ferret, an elephant and a pig.

Internet checkmate
Fed up with the vitriol from anonymous commentators online, comedian Isabel Fay has hit back with a spoof YouTube song, Thank You Hater, mocking internet trolling - the act of leaving aggressive and unconstructive comments on internet pages. In the video, Fay reads a comment by a troll wishing her cancer, then launches into song. "I'd like to be absolutely clear that I am responding to abuse, not criticism," Fay said of the song. "Criticism is absolutely fair enough, and is to be expected, but what I don't like is the level of abuse." One viewer wrote: "Isabel Fay just checkmated the internet. Even disliking this video would be helping to prove her point."

Two plus two equals ... three?
Annabel would like an explanation as to why yoghurt six packs are in 125g pottles and 12 packs are in 100g pottles? Same with Griffins Chocolate Chips ... a single pack is 200g and a twin pack is 320g.


No trademark for you
A restaurant set to open in West Palm Beach, Florida, wanted to name itself after the Japanese word suggesting "good fortune, wealth and prosperity". The trademark application was denied. The name in question: the Fuku. (Source: News of the Weird)

Buck up, couriers
"It's all deadlines and demands," a bus driver says. "Couriers need to realise that nothing in their work gives them the right to ignore the rules, not even the use of hazard lights which they seem to think guarantees immunity, or perhaps double as some kind of cloaking device. I have on numerous occasions been unable to get on to bus stops because of courier vehicles parked on the stop."