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True Adventures In Better Homes

, by Nadine Boughton, is a fantastic series of photos blending the gung-ho adventure images of 50s men's magazines with the decidedly domestic landscapes of women's mags.

In case you missed it: This must be one of the most elaborate publicity stunts ever. Launching TV channel TNT in Belgium marketers put a big red push button in a town square with a sign which reads: "Push to add drama"
Celebrity: Anger as Cher tries to sell key to the city of Adelaide on eBay!


Local: I watched Madeleine Sami and Taika Waititi's brilliant satire Super City religiously when it was on the box - five contemporary kiwi characters, all played by the versatile Sami and a killer script. Now it has been picked up by ABC in the US (Sami will star and write). So if you missed it, I would thoroughly recommend getting it on DVD. Check it out here
Video: This dad filmed his daughter Lotte every week during the first 12 years of her life. And to be fair he has done his nine-year-old son Vince too.

Quick clip: How to eat a square of sandwich ham with no hands, if you are a kid.

News: Inflatable Stonehenge. Awesomeness.
Activism: Four Kenyan men want you know that the typical African man is nothing like the ones portrayed on movies and TV.

Amusing: 'People Who Don't Know How To Spell Cologne.' If you liked that, you'll love 'People Who Didn't Know The Titanic Was Real.'

Video: We've all read dumb comments on social media (hell, most of us have written a few), but reading the stupidest one-liners or rants out loud adds a certain something...