Yellow are supposed to help you let your fingers do the walking. A reader writes: "I live in Manurewa and saw a flat deck truck with two guys on back delivering the Yellow Pages. They were driving on the footpath at speed and damaged my front grass. As I ran after them to try and take the rego, the driver gave me the 'yellow' finger and some abusive language."

Graphic Hang Man concern

While flying Qantas back from Melbourne last week Tony Waring watched a little girl playing Hang Man on her in-flight entertainment screen. "This game is not the innocuous stick figure drawing that we did as kids," he says. "But a vivid cartoon graphic of a cowboy being hung in the desert and his feet twitch once he's completely hung! I'm not one for wrapping kids in cotton wool, but with the high youth suicide figures in this part of the world, I wonder if this is entirely appropriate?"

Rules are rules ...


Rules that defy common sense: "Every 6 months or so I have to see an 'asthma nurse' to have a 10-second chat about my inhaler and confirm that I am still alive. The surgery is about 10 doors down from where I used to work, so I popped in one lunchtime to arrange an appointment. I was informed that they were only arranging appointments over the phone so that people wouldn't have to come into the surgery in the middle of a flu epidemic. Standing at the reception in the middle of the surgery, I asked if maybe it would be easier to do it then and there. Nope, rules are rules. If I wanted to make an appointment I'd have to do it over the phone. I got my mobile out to be told that all such devices should be switched off upon entering the building. So I went outside and made an appointment over the phone with a receptionist I could see through the window about eight feet away. I was then invited back into the building to pick up an appointment card, lest I forget the time, day, or even address of the building. She at no point in all of this gave any sign that she thought this entire endeavour completely ridiculous." (Source: