Why has the fairer sex been banned from this building site at Bland Bay in Northland?

M does stand for magnetic ...

A Hampshire hospital is facing a £20,000 ($38,000) repair bill after a wheelchair was flung across a room by powerful magnets in an MRI machine. It is thought a nurse pushed the metal chair into the room to collect a patient, despite warning signs not to enter. A Southampton General Hospital insider told the Telegraph: "This could have easily ended with a double fatality. Those powerful magnets are so strong they wouldn't have had a chance to get out of the way ... Everybody working in the hospital is aware of the strength of the machine and there are so many signs warning people not to enter during a scan."

And The Joker was me


A man from the northeastern Brazilian city of Recife was charged with falsifying public documents after he attempted to open a bank account using an ID with a photo of famous actor Jack Nicholson. It was one of several ID cards found on his person. The Brazilian does not resemble Nicholson. (Source: The Daily What)

A lot less crunch in each munch

"My wife purchases packets of Cadbury bite-size chocolate bars so I can include one in my lunch box," writes Ken. "There are 10 in each packet. This week, we found they have halved the size of the bite-sized bar without any adjustment in price."

Rotovegas capitalises on Oscar

A music channel played the Black Seeds music video featuring Bret McKenzie, Air New Zealand tweeted pictures of him and his Oscar in its Koru lounge, and Destination Rotorua's marketing wing said: "Bret McKenzie landed one of his first acting roles in Rotorua, where he starred in a short film that still screens daily at the city's museum. McKenzie is the most recent in a growing list of Hollywood names produced by Rotorua. ... Cliff Curtis is another local who is now an international hit. I think it's pretty clear we don't create muppets in Rotorua, we create Hollywood stars!" (I think he stayed at our flat once ... Maybe I should dig out the pillow case for Trade Me.)