Mary spotted this billboard ... facing the wrong way on the one-way Hobson St in Auckland's CBD.

Koala ... nek minnit ...

Who's been telling lies, then? Stephen tells: "I was at a koala sanctuary on the Gold Coast some years ago ... We heard an American lady loudly exclaim to her friend: 'Oh look, there's a Qantas'."

Rugby mad or just mad?


Just before the Rugby World Cup, Anne posted a photo of her kids playing at black-sand Bethells Beach, in northwest Auckland. "I told [my sister in Scotland] the council had coloured the beach black for the RWC. Her reply was, 'Of course. I forgot how rugby mad you lot are!"'

Do as I say, not as I do

Olivia, from Hamilton, spotted a council parking warden ticketing cars for about 45 minutes - despite her own car being parked in a 10-minute zone. "Irony at its finest," Olivia says.

Want cheap? Head west

Stuart thinks he's on to something. "On Thursday, I went past a Mt Eden Domino's outlet about 5.15pm. An employee on the side of the road [was] advertising a standard pizza for $6.90 pick-up. I went past a Pt Chev pizza shop about 6.30pm and an employee was advertising the same pizza for $5.90 pick-up! What would it cost if we picked up the same pizza in Remuera, Parnell or Manurewa?"

Mum knows best

Margaret says: "I remember when I first started wearing make-up that my mother told me not to put face cream on my top lip as I would grow whiskers. I still think about that all these years later, every morning when I put my make-up on."