A man who twice escaped police custody finally came to grief when he crashed a stolen bicycle into a police car, Napier District Court was told.

Police prosecutor Logan Alderson said that on January 14, Tangiwai Hemi Pou, 23, made inquiries at a Taradale business and was seen rummaging through a handbag when the receptionist he spoke to left the room.

When police caught up with him at his home and arrested him, another occupant of the house began arguing with the policeman, distracting him.

Pou then went to the back of the house, jumped out a window and ran away.

Police caught up with him again and had him in a police van outside court last month when he released the lock and disappeared into Napier.

He later stole an $800 mountain bike but was seen by police and ended up crashing into the side of a police car while being chased.

Pou attempted to run away again, but was caught and handcuffed after a violent struggle.

He will be sentenced on April 28 for escaping custody, resisting arrest, attempted theft and theft of a bicycle.