Tonight's mega $34 million Lotto draw has sparked a surge in interest, with Lotto NZ saying today they are on track to sell 1.2 millions tickets for the draw.

The whopping $34 million is up for grabs in potentially the second-largest Powerball prize since the Lotto game started in 2001.

It would only become the second-largest if it was won by an individual ticket holder. The largest-ever win worth $44.1m was won in 2016.

And Lotto said this afternoon they were well on track to sell upwards of 1.2 million tickets for tonight's mammoth draw.


You might want to buy a new house, a supercar, a yacht, maybe even a jet plane.

However, a personal wealth expert, who has dealt with dozens of Lotto winners in the United Kingdom and New Zealand, says you shouldn't go on a spending spree.

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Sudden Money And How to Handle It author Nick Crawford thinks the first thing winners should do is to sit on their cash for a few months.

"Don't lock all of the money away but don't do anything major until you get a chance to think about it," he told the Herald.

"If you've got a mortgage, then getting rid of that is nearly always a good thing to do because interest rates on term deposits will almost certainly be lower than the interest you pay on your mortgage.

"After that, just wait for a few months until you feel ready to make the next big decisions."

The chances of winning Powerball are slim at one in 38 million and you are actually more likely to be struck by lightning walking home - that's one in 280,000.

However, Crawford's advice doesn't only apply to people who have won the Lotto but people who come into money of all kinds.


After sitting on your new-found wealth for a wee while, Crawford suggests going and meeting with a financial planner.

Talking with an expert will allow the winner to figure out what's important to them, what risks they should take, who they should tell, and where to put their money.

Another key thing people who come into money should do is figure out what their money personality is because that'll dictate how they spend their fortune, Crawford said.

"We find that if you were a spender before you won the Lotto you're going to be a spender after," he said.

The Powerball jackpot for tonight's Lotto draw has swelled to an impressive $34 million. Photo / Michael Bradley
The Powerball jackpot for tonight's Lotto draw has swelled to an impressive $34 million. Photo / Michael Bradley

"If you were frugal and saved money, then just because you won doesn't mean things are going to change your habits.

"I think it's really good to stop, talk and think about what your money personality is then you can work out what the keys to success for you will be."


Marie Winfield, Lotto NZ's head of communications and corporate social responsibility, says they are on track to sell at least 1.2 million tickets for tonight's draw, more than double than for a $5m draw.

Online tickets were making up around 37 per cent of sales around 3.30pm, with MyLotto numbers increasing over the lockdown when stores were closed.

"Prior to lockdown around 25 per cent of sales were online and 75 per cent in-store," Winfield said.