James Crow doesn't want people to vote for him.

The Green Party candidate for Napier says he's standing only to gather support for the Greens' party vote.

In this Local Focus video the Napier businessman explains that he is a public face for the party.

"I see that as my position in this election is to help get that message out there and be someone with a face that they can come and talk to and get some of their concerns about what Greens may mean if we are back in parliament," he said.


Labour's Stuart Nash is the sitting Napier MP.

In the last election the Green Party were the third highest polling with 1938 votes in the Napier Electorate compared with 14,681votes for the Labour Party and 17,929 for the National Party.

Crow also answers a series of less-serious questions in which he reveals a whole new flavour combination on toast - avocado and marmite!

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