The Southern DHB has named 11 places and businesses in Queenstown visited by a traveller in early July who has since tested positive for Covid-19 in South Korea.

The 22-year-old man from South Korea was living in Auckland but left the country on July 21 from Christchurch Airport.

Dr Michael Butchard, the public health physician for the SDHB, today advised people who were in Queenstown, Te Anau and Milford from July 1 to 4 - at the same time as the man - and have Covid-19 symptoms, to be tested.

"At this stage we are not advising asymptomatic people to be tested unless the person has been contacted by public health and identified as a close contact, or a contact of a contact," he said.


Butchard said public health staff were working to identify and trace people in Queenstown and Fiordland who might have been in contact with the traveller.

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This included contacting the businesses and places he had visited.

It is known the traveller visited the following places:

Queenstown Holiday Park
July 1 arrived at 5pm

Jucy Tours Bus
July 2 Jucy Tours (Queenstown to Milford and return)

Milford Sound Boat cruise
July 2 at 1.30pm

July 2 at 8pm

Fergburger restaurant. Photo / ODT
Fergburger restaurant. Photo / ODT

Four Square


July 2 at about 9pm

Kawarau Bridge Zip Line
July 3 at 9am

Hikari Teppanyaki restaurant
July 3 at 11am

Strike Bowl – Swiss-Belresort
July 3 from 2.30pm-4pm

Farelli Italian Restaurant
July 3 from 7pm-8.30pm

Ferg Gelato
July 3 after 8.30pm


Luge Queenstown
July 4 - morning

Auckland's Sylvia Park mall food court was also closed this morning after it was revealed the man had visited on July 16, between 11am to 1pm.

He had been living in a house in Auckland with five others who have all tested negative for the virus.

The Auckland Regional Public Health Service said it had contacted shopping outlets and a pool hall visited by the man.

The service also released an updated list of other Auckland spots where the man had been but said it considered others at the same places as the man were at very low risk of contracting Covid-19.

The places included:


Spicy House on Dominion Rd in Balmoral
July 6 between 7pm and 9pm

DressSmart Onehunga
July 16 at 9.30am

SaveMart in Onehunga
July 16 between 10am-10.30am

Sylvia Park shopping centre food court
July 16 between 11am-1pm

King Club Pool Hall in Botany
July 16 between 1.30pm-2.30pm

"The man may not have been infectious while at these places as it is possible he caught the virus during his travel to South Korea," the public health service said.


"Public Health is, however, taking a precautionary approach and has informed the managers of these places."

"Public Health has not advised the shops, restaurant, and pool hall to shut or be specially cleaned, as it has been at least a fortnight since the man visited any of them. However, we do appreciate the efforts some retailers are going to."

The service said the risk was low the man had Covid-19 when he visited the places and that he transmitted it to anyone.

"However, we encourage anyone who may have been in these places at these times and has had symptoms of Covid-19, to get tested just in case."

Anyone who was in Queenstown who has experienced Covid-19 symptoms was also asked to contact their GP to arrange a free test, or if you are in the Southern district call 0800 VIRUS 19.

Any contacts who are experiencing symptoms will be asked to self-isolate until their test results are back.


"We thank all the businesses involved, and the wider community, for their support as we seek to find any evidence of community transmission, Butchard said.

"New Zealand has not needed to live under the restrictions much of the rest of the world is experiencing for several months, and we do not want to lose this hard-won position, so everyone's assistance remains important."

The Ministry of Health said today there continued to be no evidence of transmission in New Zealand involving the traveller.