Take a breather in the sunshine, New Zealand.

A month which has seen parts of the country lashed with damaging winds, floodwaters, monster waves and significant snowfalls edges closer to an end under the calm of a nice big anti-cyclone.

Today, that means weather similar to yesterday - settled, MetService meteorologist Gerard Bellam said.

"It'll be a re-run of [Saturday's] weather. What you saw is what you're going to get."


That means fine weather with average temperatures across the country - mid-teens in most of the North Island, low teens in the lower North Island and much of the South Island, dropping a further few degrees in the central South Island areas such as Queenstown.

Get some vitamin D today, New Zealand - the weather's looking good. Photo / File
Get some vitamin D today, New Zealand - the weather's looking good. Photo / File

Only Auckland looks at risk of a few isolated showers this morning, mainly in the west. The city, along with Whāngārei, Hamilton and Tauranga, is forecast to reach a high of 15C.

Some inland parts of the country can expect frosts today, but sunny weather will pull temperatures up to between 12C and 14C for much of the country.

Hamilton may have a foggy start today, and again tomorrow.

The settled weather continues across the country tomorrow, with Tauranga, Napier, Wellington and Christchurch likely to be bathed in winter sunshine.

It's all thanks to a high sitting over New Zealand, Bellam said.

"If you tap your barometer you'll get a reading around 1030hPa. That's a good anti-cyclone."

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Most places will remain fine into Tuesday, with only the West Coast of the South Island in line for some showers.


That turns to rain on Wednesday, and some showers could spread to Nelson. The North Island will remain mostly fine, with average winter temperatures.

A warm - by winter's standards - north to north-west flow would also begin to make its impact felt over the South Island on Wednesday, Bellam said.

"There'll be a warm trend across the South Island. For example, Blenheim could get 17C and Ashburton 16C on Thursday.

"That's about 4C above normal for the time of year."