For Amber and Hayley Jarden, life was always a hilarious adventure with their Dad who would always be keen to take them exploring.

Dave Jarden, together with friend Bibi Farida Ali, died after his Mercedes station wagon they were travelling in went off the road and plunged into Lake Rotoma on Saturday afternoon.

Police are still investigating the cause and have asked for anyone who saw Jarden's silver vehicle in the area at the time to contact them.

While Jarden's friends yesterday paid tribute to their mate, describing him as a "fierce but fair" competitor and devoted Dad, today his daughters have also shared more about the talented, and champion, sidecar speedway driver.


Car crashes into Lake Rotoma, near Rotorua: Two dead
Car crashes into Lake Rotomā: Police divers to search for occupants
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Car crashes into Lake Rotomā: Police divers to search for occupants

Amber, 16, and Hayley, 15, said there was never a dull moment when they hung out with their father.

"He would take us places all the time.

"He always wanted to go on an adventure," they said today.

The girls each had their own quad bike which they used to go exploring with their father in many places around Auckland including Muriwai and the Woodhill Forest.

"He was the best Dad in the world, to be completely honest.

Dave Jarden with his beloved daughters, Amber, 16, left, and Hayley, 15. Photo / Supplied
Dave Jarden with his beloved daughters, Amber, 16, left, and Hayley, 15. Photo / Supplied

"He would take us places all the time and always take us for a bit of a hoon, on adventures."

"We would go to Muriwai a lot and go motorbike riding. There's a place in the Woodhill forest, the bike park, we used to go there quite a lot as well.


"It was always like 'let's go do something, let's go out'. He was really funny as well, always cracking up."

Their father was fanatical about speedway, which they would go watch, but neither had picked up the sport; although Amber had given it a go.

"I've been on the sidecar before," Amber said. "It was Dad's dream to take me on it so I was like 'okay, I'll have a go'. It was so fun, honestly. I got off the bike and I had a massive adrenaline rush."

As well as being active, he was also helpful, often lending a hand to either family or friends to fix or build things.

"He could fix anything," the girls said. "You'd give him something like a motor or anything and he would fix it or work it out straight away."

The girls' mother, Jenny Jones, agreed and said Jarden was also a talented aluminium welder.

Dave Jarden was
Dave Jarden was "the best dad in the world" to his daughters, Amber and Hayley. Photo / Supplied

"His talent welding aluminium was really out of this world. A lot of the speedway guys would actually try and get him to try and build stuff because he had a talent to do it.

"He used to make all the spokes in his wheels for his motorbike and that's something you can't really do.

"He was very hands-on and so mechanically gifted, he could make and fix anything, he was just that way.

"I think he wanted the kids to be speedway freaks too. Amber's got the taste but Hayley's like 'oh no'."

Amber said she last spoke to her father the day before he died. They talked about upgrading her car; she currently owned a Suzuki Swift but was keen on a VW.

"He was excited because he was actually going to come see us. It was just like another normal day."


Jarden, 54, would ring and text his daughters every day without fail.

"He would call us all the time, every day. He would always text us in the morning, every single day, never miss a day without contact.

"He always used to say 'good morning sweetheart, have a good day'."

Jarden came from a talented family; his father, Bill, was a champion speedway midget car driver, while his uncle was legendary All Black left wing Ron Jarden.

Amber is also keen to reach national level at sport - prior to the Covid-19 lockdown she had been trialling for the New Zealand underwater hockey team.

"Basically he just lived for us, if you know what I mean. He adored us, we were his pride and joy.


"He always looked forward to coming home and seeing us."

But while he was a talented sportsman, his talent didn't extend to the kitchen.

"He always used to make rice risotto out of the packet, all of the time.

"He would always eat it and Hayley used to get so sick of it, she's like 'oh not again'."

Dave Jarden with daughter, Amber, 16. Photo / Supplied
Dave Jarden with daughter, Amber, 16. Photo / Supplied

The rest of his diet comprised massive amounts of apricots and cleaning up pavlova at Christmas.

As for his funeral, it was still being finalised but they confirmed it would be held at Waikaraka Speedway in Onehunga some time next week.


That particular speedway track was chosen as it was where Jarden launched his career, which saw him collect both national and inter-island titles.

"I think it's going to be quite big," Amber said. "He was quite famous in the speedway community. He was never up himself though, he just kept it low key."

The sisters thanked everyone for their wishes after their father's death.

"I've had lots of messages and stuff from people, so many, but Hayley and I are very grateful and really appreciate everyone saying 'sorry [for your loss]'.

"We're good, we're alright."