The Warehouse founder has joined a group of the world's richest people calling on governments to raise taxes on the rich - in a bid to help with the recovery from the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

Sir Stephen Tindall is the only New Zealander on a list of millionaires from different countries who have penned a letter titled "Millionaires for Humanity."

In the letter, it points out the "critical role" the very rich can play in healing the world.

"We are not driving the ambulances that will bring the ill to hospitals. We are not restocking grocery store shelves or delivering food door-to-door.


"But we do have money - lots of it," the letter says.

"Money that is desperately needed now and will continue to be needed in the years ahead, as our world recovered from this crisis."

Others who have signed the letter include Disney heirs Abigail and Tim Disney, ice cream king Jerry Greenfield - co-founder of Ben & Jerry's and British screenwriter Richard Curtis.

Many of those on the list are not only known for their net worth numbers, but also for their philanthropic works throughout the years.

Sir Stephen's own work includes the setting up of The Tindall Foundation, which gives donations and support to charitable organisations around New Zealand.

The letter goes on to put out a call to governments to raise taxes on "people like us".

The call goes on to stress that it needs to be done immediately, substantially and permanently.

"The impact of this crisis will last for decades," they write.


'Humanity is more important than our money'

"It could push half a billion more people into poverty. Hundreds of millions of people will lose their jobs as businesses close, some permanently.

"Already, there are nearly a billion children out of school - many with no access to the resources they need to continue their learning."

The ongoing need for more hospital beds and protective gear and ventilators was also a "painful daily reminder of the inadequate investment made in public health systems around the world."

It goes on to stress that the pandemic crisis cannot be solved with charity alone - no mater how generous people around the world were.

It was the responsibility of governments and world leaders to raise the funds needed and to go onto spend and spread those funds out equally and fairly.

"We can ensure we adequately fund our health systems, schools and security through a permanent tax increase on the wealthiest people on the planet - people like us.


"Please. Tax us. Tax us. Tax us. It is the right choice. It is the only choice.

"Humanity is more important than our money."