Health Minister David Clark has resigned as Health Minister after he became an "unhelpful distraction" in the fight against Covid-19.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has accepted his resignation and said it was "essential our health leadership has the confidence of the New Zealand public".

The news doesn't surprise many.

Clark has been under increasing pressure to step down, but he had been repeatedly backed by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, even though she said she would have sacked him over his lockdown breaches if she didn't need continuity in the health response to Covid-19.


'Unhelpful distraction': Health Minister David Clark resigns
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Health Minister David's Clark's resignation
Health Minister David Clark stands by his comments, criticising Health boss Ashley Bloomfield
Health Minister David Clark throws Dr Ashley Bloomfield under the bus - as he stands right behind him

With the Health Minister resigning from his role, we take a look at his series of blunders that ultimately led to today's announcement.

April 2 - Clark's lockdown breach

During lockdown alert level 4, Clark had gone mountain biking at a popular trail despite ministry guidelines urging Kiwis to only go outside for essential trips like grocery shopping or close exercise.

Following the blunder, Ardern said she would have sacked him in normal circumstances.

April 7 - Clark makes 20km trip to the beach
After his mountain biking blunder, Clark admitted to driving his family 20km to a beach to go for a walk in the first weekend of the lockdown.

He said his wife questioned the family trip, but Clark decided to push ahead.

April 28: Clark breaches lockdown for third time during house move


Clark then revealed to the country he had moved house during alert level 4.

He was seen packing and moving boxes between properties. However, the properties were just a few hundred metres apart.

June 24 - Clark throws Bloomfield under the bus

He also came under intense pressure over the bungles at the border in recent weeks, and was the subject of public criticism over video footage that went viral as he seemed to throw director general of health Ashley Bloomfield under the bus as Bloomfield was standing behind him.

Clark said: "The director general has accepted that the protocol wasn't being followed. He has accepted responsibility for that and has set about putting it right."

In the background, Bloomfield looks down briefly, appearing dejected at the comment - a moment captured by a MediaWorks camera operator and described as "brutal" by MediaWorks political editor Tova O'Brien.


Clark was slammed by the population for his lack of support for Bloomfield.

PM Jacinda Ardern said last week she "had discussions" with David Clark and how the primary focus should be the Government's response to Covid-19. Clark tendered his resignation to Ardern yesterday which was accepted.