There are no new cases of Covid-19 today.

This means the number of active cases in New Zealand remains at 22. All cases are in isolation facilities.

There have been no cases of community transmission, the Ministry of Health said in its latest update.

One person with Covid-19 remains in Auckland City Hospital in a stable condition.


New Zealand labs completed 1,960 tests yesterday, bringing the total number of tests completed to date to 397,470.

"This includes testing at managed isolation facilities and community-based testing across the country. The seven-day rolling daily test average is 6950," the ministry said.

PPE supplies

"We are ensuring we have sufficient stocks here in New Zealand to give us a buffer if supply chains are disrupted," says director general of health Ashley Bloomfield.

"Some items of PPE such as gloves are in short supply globally. We are working with infection prevention control specialists to ensure the correct PPE is being used and that where appropriate alternatives exist, these are used.

"At current usage rates of PPE, New Zealand has a minimum of three months stock of all PPE items required to deal with Covid-19. For most items, we have over six months.

"We continue to work to bring in PPE to support New Zealand if there is an increase in infections. In the last two weeks, for example, 63 million items of PPE have landed in New Zealand.

"New Zealand is also in a good position with its supplies for testing ‐ current stock across the country is sufficient to enable 253,190 tests.

"We have sufficient supplies of lab consumables and swabs already in the country and more are arriving regularly.


"We have established strong relationships and processes with our main suppliers for testing supplies that are working well."

Kiwis in isolation

Of the 2,159 people who left managed isolation facilities, 1,284 people have now been contacted and have tested negative for Covid.

Eight hundred of these people were tested before leaving managed isolation and the remaining 484 were tested after departure from the facility.

There are 367 people who the Ministry has repeatedly tried to make contact with but have had no luck tracking down.

"Again, a reminder to anyone who was in a managed isolation facility between June 9 and 16 who has not yet spoken with Healthline to call the dedicated team on 09 302 0408.
As needed, we refer people we do not make contact with to finding services. 56 of these had invalid phone numbers, so have already been referred to finding services," the Ministry said.

"We have had 142 people who will not be tested because of reasons such as being a child, being part of repositioning crew, currently being overseas or they are refusing a test. 84 people have refused testing," it said.

The latest update follows 22 new cases notified since June 16, when two sisters from Britain tested positive after driving from Auckland to Wellington to see their father after their mother died.

Fifteen arrived on flights from India, two from the United States, and seven, including the two sisters, came on flights from Australia.

All are listed as in managed isolation and quarantine except for the two sisters, who are in the Hutt Valley with their family.

The sisters' case sparked a new wave of people getting tested for possible coronavirus, with a record 10,436 tests June 24 and an average of 7284 tests a day in the week to Sunday.

Altogether 395,510 people have now been tested for the virus, or 7.9 per cent of the NZ population.

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