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A man hit by a car during Friday's fatal shooting in West Auckland has been discharged from hospital.

Constable Matthew Hunt was killed and another officer shot during a routine traffic stop in Massey on Friday morning.

A pedestrian who had been loading things into a nearby car was also injured after being hit by a vehicle during the incident.


A police spokesperson has confirmed this man was now recovering at home.

The pedestrian, who was filling his car boot in preparation for a trip to Rotorua when the fleeing car hit him, told Stuff something hit him from behind, causing the boot to hit his head.

His son, 12, was sitting in the backseat, while his 2-year-old daughter stood on the footpath.

"I got knocked out, like my eyes closed and I couldn't hear anything. I was just lying down on the ground. The next minute, when I woke up, I was holding my head and I saw it was bleeding."

The man called out to his wife who tried to cover him and dragged him to the driveway, where he stayed until help came. His son managed to get his younger sister to the house.

The surviving officer - who was shot in the leg - was discharged from hospital yesterday.

The officer was shot at more than a dozen times, RNZ understands.

According to sources, Hunt was in the front passenger seat of the police car and the second officer was driving.


Both were shot after pursuing a vehicle that failed to stop around 10.30am on Friday.

Police found the vehicle crashed a short time later on Reynella Drive in Massey.

As they approached, a man got out armed with a long-barrelled gun and opened fire.

A karakia at the scene of the shooting on Reynella Drive in Massey on Sunday afternoon was attended by police staff, Matthew Hunt's family and members of the community.

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