The price of rent and groceries from the supermarket are the two biggest causes of money stress in New Zealand, a survey has found.

The survey, undertaken by global comparison site Finder, also found Kiwis were stressed about energy bills, petrol costs and mortgages.

A total of 2219 New Zealanders were surveyed, with more than a quarter listing rent (27 per cent) and groceries (26 per cent) as their greatest money concerns.

A survey was undertaken to find which bills gave Kiwis the most amount of stress. Photo / File
A survey was undertaken to find which bills gave Kiwis the most amount of stress. Photo / File

The price of rent increased by 3.7 per cent between March 2019 and March 2020, Consumer Price Index data showed.


Meanwhile, in the same year, Auckland rents increased 2.1 per cent, Wellington rents 5.7 per cent and Canterbury rents 2 per cent.

Finder's publisher in New Zealand, Kevin McHugh, said a high cost of living made it difficult for Kiwis to build savings.

"For many Kiwis, their expenses are equal to or greater than their income, causing a significant amount of money stress," McHugh said.

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"Thanks to Covid-19, incomes have become increasingly volatile which makes it hard for households to plan for bills and budget."

Baby boomers were more concerned about the price of their energy bill than people from Generation Z, 26 per cent compared to 11 per cent.

Meanwhile, one in five men deemed the grocery bill to be their biggest concern compared to 32 per cent of women, the Finder survey found.

Kiwi motorists clearly felt the sting from the petrol pump, with 20 per cent indicating it was their biggest price concern.

People thinking they did not have enough money in the bank could stop them from taking action, however, now was a great time to do so, McHugh said.


"As the fallout of coronavirus sets in and many lose their jobs, this is the time to review all of your products and bills, and save where you can," he said.

"One of the most important first steps is to compare your banking products to make sure you are getting the best deal - and it's often worth the effort.

"If the stress gets to be too much where you can't make your payments, contact your lender or energy provider and let them know you're in trouble as soon as you can."

Which bills cause the most stress?

1. Rent, 27 per cent
2. Groceries, 26 per cent
3. Energy, 21 per cent
4. Petrol, 20 per cent
5. Credit card, 17 per cent
6. Mortgage, 17 per cent
7. Other, 8 per cent
8. Personal loan, 8 per cent
9. Internet, 8 per cent
10. None of the above, 15 per cent

Source: Finder NZ survey