Protesters who ignore the nation's lockdown laws can expect the police to take swift action against them.

That's the message from the police amid plans for 5G protests to be held throughout the country from Northland to Southland at midday.

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"Police are aware of the planned protests and, as with any such activity, will respond to any issues as and when required," a spokesperson said.


"We would remind people of the alert level 4 restrictions, which remain in place and require people to stay home, except for essential travel to buy food or for medical reasons."

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In posts on social media, 5G protesters were told to wear protective gear, masks and gloves.

They were told to leave children at home and stand at least two metres apart from one another while protesting.

A series of threats had been made against telcos and arson attempts had been made on cellphone towers, the Herald revealed yesterday.

There had also been talk recently on social media 5G had caused the Covid-19 outbreak.

Asked earlier this week at her daily updates, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said it was far from the truth.

"I almost hesitate to even speak to it on this platform. It is just not true," she said.

Meanwhile, Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield raised his eyebrows at the suggestion.


As of Tuesday, nearly 300 people had been caught breaking rules since the lockdown began. Most received a warning.

However, police told the Herald they had taken action against 16 people who were facing prosecution for not adhering to the lockdown rules.

Of the 291 breaches recorded by police as of Tuesday, 263 had been warned and 12 received a youth referral.

Strict quarantine for all arrivals at the border would be in place indefinitely and remained a key measure in what the Prime Minister is calling the "marathon" fight to eliminate Covid-19.

Ardern yesterday urged New Zealanders to remain vigilant and lockdown-compliant as they headed into Easter, warning not to let up in light of yesterday's 29 new cases - the lowest since March 21.

It was the fourth consecutive day the number of new cases dropped.