Porirua residents in the lockdown are showing their solidarity with fellow Kiwis by displaying their patriotism.

A video shared widely on Facebook shows locals waving New Zealand flags as the national anthem plays in the distance.

A Porirua local has reportedly been playing "God Defend New Zealand" every day, and people have been joining in on the patriotic act by waving their flags.

The footage, shared on the "Wellington - LIVE" Facebook page on Friday, has had nearly two million views since then.


"What a great show of community spirit," one person commented.

"Well this made my eyes start leaking. I'm a Kiwi who has been living in the States for 35 years. Still a Kiwi gal at heart," another person said.

"Definitely makes you proud to be a New Zealander seeing this it would be awesome to hear the anthem being played around our neighborhoods on Anzac day when hopefully most of us are at the ends of our driveways at dawn to pay our respects," another person added.

One person pointed out that a Porirua local can be seen in the video joining in by playing the violin from the safety of their cul-de-sac:

"If you've got a sharp eye you may notice at the end of the cul de sac there's a young violinist who plays along to the anthem. Last night she was joined by her sister who also played along - it was so awesome."

New Zealand is on day 11 of lockdown and, up and down the country, Kiwis are finding new ways to display that they are united, despite social distancing keeping them apart.

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