The other day I was shocked to find out that one of my friends was laughed at when he asked a customer in the dairy to stand 2m back.

Since the lockdown began, dairies have had a one-in, one-out policy, which this dairy had clearly sign-posted.

But that didn't stop two carloads of mates ignoring the queue and packing themselves into the dairy.


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As my friend was paying he was shocked to see these "men" (or should I say boys) flout the one-person restriction, but he didn't want to cause a scene.

And of course, the dairy owners are not going to stand up to a group of tough guys in case of repercussions - including violence.

But what's worse is that one of them decided to queue right behind my friend and when he kindly asked them to step back and advised them of the 2m rule he was laughed at by the entire group. The Government's official Covid-19 advisory website

They even had the audacity to mock him by sarcastically saying: "Ohhh, you've got to be careful, you don't want to catch coronavirus."

Yes, of course he doesn't, along with most of the country.

After hearing about the number of Covid-19 cases climbing in New Zealand, and fatalities across the world, it's sad and quite astonishing that people are still not taking the lockdown restrictions seriously.


What's your excuse? "Oh, I'm young so I won't die from the virus." How selfish.

And who is to say you wouldn't die? People of many ages with and without underlying health issues have reportedly been killed by complications of Covid-19.

While at the supermarket or any store, respect the 2-metre rule. Photo / Mike Scott
While at the supermarket or any store, respect the 2-metre rule. Photo / Mike Scott

This virus is no joke. It's real. The lockdown is real and the deaths are too.

Stay home, it's not that hard. And when you go out, respect the 2m rule.

People need to do this to save lives, or is that too hard for some to comprehend?

If the lockdown restrictions continue to be breached because of some loose units who think they are above the law, it could mean a possible increase in cases which would lead to a longer lockdown.

And a longer lockdown means more time people are going to have to stay home and not be able to have the luxuries they once had.

Some will continue to suffer in not having a job to go to which could lead to not being able to afford rent and necessities.

It's a domino effect. One person's poor decision-making can lead to bigger consequences.

So next time people decide it would be okay to flout restrictions, just remember this.

When you get caught, you do not only look like an ignorant fool who can't follow basic instructions, but your actions put the entire country at risk — and it makes all of us furious.