Kiwis have joined in an online trend to broadcast a sound from a cult movie and TV series, heading onto the streets before last night's lockdown to play a "purge alarm".

The sound features in The Purge, a series of feature films and a TV series that tell the story of dystopian future where all crimes are allowed for a 12-hour period, which starts with the playing of the eerie sound.

The stunt has been pulled across the world, with people driving streets with speakers attached to their cars, with the alarm sound blaring.

The Herald has approached the police for comment on Kiwis' participation in the stunt.


A Facebook group in NZ was set up, titled Everyone Play The Purge Alarm At Midnight to urge Kiwis to play the sound.

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One user posted a video showing a man wearing a mask and Chewbacca onesie, saying "let the purge begin" before playing the sound and posing with others, who were wearing paper bags over their heads.

Kiwis have jumped on the viral trend. Photo / Facebook
Kiwis have jumped on the viral trend. Photo / Facebook

Some Facebook users are reporting hearing similar sounds this morning, with one North Shore woman writing: "Heya :) anyone know what the f--- is that mega loud humming noise coming from somewhere on/ near east coast road pine hill?

"Is it some kind of 'remember we are in lockdown' alarm??? Aliens?

"Saw several neighbours at the end of their driveways also trying to work it out."

Another said heard the sound earlier in the week, reporting: "I first heard it on Tuesday around 2pm, sound like someone's vacuuming the road!"

The Purge franchise began in 2013 with the movie of the same name, spawning several follow ups.

The films received mixed reviews but have become cult hits since, with film fans praising the series for its unique concept and action sequences.

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