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The chilling first-hand account of a Rotorua farm worker who brutally murdered his ex wife as she held their toddler has been revealed in an appeal decision.

Ephraim Joseph Beazley described wanting to "get it over and done with" as he heard the child scream, and gave details of the calculated way he attacked Xi Wang in Flat Bush, Auckland in December 2018.

The account is included in the Court of Appeal's decision to decline Beazley's appeal against his sentence.


Beazley was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum non-parole period of 17 years after he pleaded guilty to the murder.

But his lawyer appeared in the Court of Appeal last month arguing the 17-year non-parole period was "manifestly unjust" because it did not take into account Beazley's psychiatric state at the time of the attack.

Lawyer Adam Simperingham told the court Beazley's actions in sharpening a knife, driving three hours to Auckland, and stabbing Wang 18 times, was a "snap decision".

In its written decision to decline the appeal, released today, the Court of Appeal revealed an excerpt from Beazley's pre-sentence report, in which he described the murder in detail to the report writer.

He detailed how "adrenaline" and "rage" kicked in, and spoke about his concerns that the coat she was wearing would block the knife's blows.

"I then heard my son yelling 'mummy, mummy,' it made me want to get it
over and done with," he said, going on to describe how he stabbed her in the neck because "anything in the neck is a kill".

Beazley had been estranged from Wang after the pair met in November 2014 and married six months later.

The couple moved to Rotorua, where Beazley worked as a farmhand, but the relationship only lasted until September 2015 and Wang moved to Auckland.


Soon after Wang discovered she was pregnant and gave birth to a son.

Xi Wang, 34, was murdered in December 2018. Photo / Supplied
Xi Wang, 34, was murdered in December 2018. Photo / Supplied

But Beazley began to harbour increasing resentment towards Wang, partly because he had to pay child support.

He contemplated taking his own life but decided against it, instead choosing to take Wang's.

On the night of the murder, he drove to Wang's house and knocked on the door just before 10pm.

She opened the door, holding her 2-year-old son in her arms.

"[Beazley] attacked the victim without speaking, striking at her throat with his hunting knife," the police summary reads.

"She managed to block the strike so he stabbed her in the side instead.

"This was awkward for him because of the dressing gown the victim was wearing - so he attacked her legs."

Beazley then stabbed Wang several times in both legs.

He also stabbed her genitals, causing her to slump forward, and allowing Beazley to grab her by the back of the head.

"He stabbed her several times in the neck, causing her to fall to the ground," the summary reads.

Beazley realised he had done enough to kill and left his son in his dying mother's arms.

He then drove away, abandoned his car, and called police to admit what he'd done.

Wang was rushed to hospital in a critical condition and underwent emergency surgery, but died a couple of hours after the attack.

A post-mortem examination found she had been stabbed 18 times.

The Court of Appeal did not accept Beazley's level of premeditation was low, saying he spent a year "ruminating" on the murder, then hours planning and travelling for it.

A psychiatric report labelled Beazley a "cold and calculated killer".

Ephraim Beazley pleaded guilty to murdering his estranged wife, Xi Wang. File photo / Jasen Oxenham
Ephraim Beazley pleaded guilty to murdering his estranged wife, Xi Wang. File photo / Jasen Oxenham

The Court of Appeal said there was no error in the sentencing judge's decision, and that there was not enough evidence to show the 17-year non-parole term was manifestly unjust.

It dismissed the appeal.


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