A cyclist seriously injured after being hit by a car has been dealt a double whammy after her wallet and phone were stolen while her crushed leg was being operated on.

A Wellington woman participating in Tour Aotearoa was cycling up Redoubt Rd in Manukau on Saturday when a car turning right from a side street crashed into her.

She was flung onto the road, badly breaking her left leg.

Fellow rider Athol Gardiner said his gut fell when he instantly recognised the woman lying on the road as one of the riders as he had spoken with her earlier in the tour.


The Auckland man arrived about five minutes after the crash and someone was only just calling emergency services.

"Someone has just pulled out straight in front of her and knocked her clean off ... Hard to believe because we were going uphill. She was going very slowly."

He said a member of the public stayed on the road with her holding her leg together for about 30 minutes to stop it from moving as it was clearly broken and the bone was sticking out.

"It was really bad."

While the woman lay on the road with her seriously injured leg, she was talking to them the whole time saying repeatedly: "I can't believe they didn't see me".

Gardiner said it became apparent she didn't know anyone in Auckland so he told her he would arrange to get her backpack to her and would look after her bike.

However when the Serious Crash Unit arrived after she had been taken to hospital by ambulance, they said they would be taking all her gear.

The bike was undamaged with the cyclist's leg taking the brunt of the impact.


The woman had surgery that night but when she returned her wallet and phone were missing from her bedside table.

"It appears she's had her phone and wallet stolen while in hospital. That's pretty low, isn't it," Gardiner commented.

Gardiner continued on his ride, but called the cyclist at Middlemore Hospital later that night to check she had received her belongings from police.

A police media spokesperson confirmed they received a report of a theft at the hospital about 11.30pm on Saturday. No further details were available at this stage.

His wife also took her some dry clothes because it had been pouring down when the crash happened just before midday on Saturday.

"When you find out someone is from out of town with no one else around, you've got to do something."

The woman is still in hospital recovering, he said.

Gardiner is among 1000 cyclists participating in Tour Aotearoa where riders cycle 3,000 km from Cape Reinga to Bluff over a month.

A police statement confirmed police had closed Redoubt Rd for several hours after a person sustained serious injuries when a bicycle and car collided in Goodwood Heights at about 11.48am.

Counties Manukau DHB has been approached for comment.

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