An intoxicated has jumped overboard from a Fullers ferry in Auckland's Hauraki Gulf this afternoon.

The person was rescued before being trespassed from the terminal when the vessel arrived in Auckland.

It had departed from Hobsonville Point at 3pm.

Fullers360 Fleet Operations Officer Megan Watson said a passenger intentionally entered the water during this afternoon's service.


"Our trained crew responded immediately in accordance with standard operating procedures and police were in attendance," she said.

"Intentional jumping off a vessel is always prohibited and our crew are trained to respond accordingly."

Police confirmed they were called to Quay St in Auckland about 3.45pm with a report of a ferry passenger having gone into the harbour.

"The man was quickly recovered from the water. He was intoxicated and subsequently trespassed from the ferry terminal," a police statement said.

A person on board the ferry told the Herald the man was part of a "drunken group" of passengers.

Staff had herded passengers back inside following the incident.

"Earlier another member of this drunk group got over the back rail of the ferry and [swung] from a rope. He was reprimanded by the staff but the group continued behaving in an unsafe way," the passenger said.

Police met the ferry at the Auckland terminal.


A Coastguard spokeswoman said a Coastguard Auckland vessel had been sent to the scene but the person was already back on board when they arrived.