The New Zealand Police's latest attempt at recruiting new officers has proved a hit after "stealing" a photo of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.

Taking to social media, New Zealand Police wrote "Start your career today at" and accompanied the post with a photo of the former celebrity power couple.

But in the photo caption, Police threw shade at the pair, writing: "Still thinking about what could have been?"

One person questions whether NZ Police had legally downloaded the photo from Getty Images.


"Did you need to pay a Getty licence to use this photo for advertising purposes?"

The gag proved a hit with hundreds of Kiwis showing their appreciation over NZ Police's light-hearted approach to recruiting.

"Whosoever runs this page, has a beyond exceptional sense of humour," one said.

Another added: "New Zealand Police please give your social media manager a raise. This is gold."

"Look, I'd give Jen another shot but she'll have to get used to my black hair," a third joked.