Police are investigating after video was shared to Facebook showing a JUCY campervan narrowly avoiding a collision after a risky overtaking manoeuvre on a popular tourist route.

The video, captured by dashcam, shows the campervan passing a truck and trailer on State Highway 4 near Taumarunui.

Leaving the move until the last minute, the campervan passes the truck on a steep hill, coming back into the lane just metres from the corner and an oncoming vehicle.

Local woman Jaz Smith described the driver as an "idiot" when she posted the video to Facebook, saying that they did not "seem to care what innocent people they kill, or injure".


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She told the Herald that she was travelling along the highway, which is popular with tourists, with her two children when she witnessed the incident and said she was shocked, despite seeing similarly dangerous driving behaviour in the past.

She said the video didn't show how steep the hill was and said that oncoming cars would be taking the corner at 100km/h.

"It would have had a head-on crash if that oncoming car hadn't of pulled over"

Smith said that she worried she would be caught up in the ensuing crash if the van didn't make it, an eventuality she said was only narrowly avoided.

She told the Herald that the decision to overtake at that spot was a bizarre one, as they could have passed easily on the long straight beforehand.

JUCY chief executive Tom Ruddenklau told the Herald: "The JUCY team has been made aware of this video, we are working with the police and are attempting to contact the customer urgently."

A police spokesperson said the incident was reported to them and they were looking to follow up.


They also had a message for drivers, stating: "Overtaking another vehicle when there is insufficient room to do so is dangerous, and puts you and other road users at needless risk.

"When over-taking, ensure the road is clear and there is sufficient space for your vehicle to safely return to the correct lane.

"Your safety and that of other road users is more important than arriving a few minutes later to your destination."

They also urged the public to call *555 if they see poor driving behaviour and to call 111 if there is a risk to public safety.