A South Auckland mother has described the moment a car atop a boat smashed through her kitchen.

"I heard a huge boom, saw sparks flying and then saw a car through the wall, I was like 'what the hell?'"

The resident, who didn't want to be named, said she was sitting in the lounge when she heard a huge smash in the kitchen.

She immediately called emergency services and rushed outside, to find the driver calmly talking on the phone.


Fire and Emergency NZ northern shift manager Carren Larking said a call had come in at 3.33pm about a crash involving a car and a house halfway down Cyclamen Rd in Māngere.

"On our arrival there was a car on top of a boat going into the side of the house.

"One person was trapped in the vehicle but is believed to have very minor injuries."

The person - understood to be the driver - had been extricated from the car at 3.56pm and was now in the care of St John paramedics.

The resident said she would normally have been in the kitchen cooking at this time, but thankfully wasn't when the accident happened.

Police said a car had crashed into a stationary boat, before both machines crashed into the side of the house.

"Looks like a vehicle has gone off the road on Cyclamen Rd and has crashed into a boat that was parked outside a house and then hit the house," a police spokesman said.

A street light had also been hit during the crash.


But the woman whose home was hit was philosophical.

"At the end of the day, no one was hurt so that's the main thing."

The family had been in touch with their landlords to repair the gaping hole in their kitchen.

A local said he had driven past another car crash on the way home and had only just arrived home when he heard of the accident.

"My neighbour called me and said there was a car on top of a boat."

Another neighbour said the parked cars on both sides of the narrow road meant cars often drove on the wrong side of the road.

"There's always cars speeding around here."

The residents said they weren't worried about the boat damage, as no one was harmed, even though the driver was trapped and had to be rescued from the car atop the boat.