A phishing scam aimed at getting people to empty their pockets for vehicle registration renewals is back in circulation.

And while the email appeared to be a standard reminder, NZ Transport Agency is warning Kiwis about the email scam.

Branded with the NZ Transport Agency logo and links to the online transaction website, the email is actually a part of a phishing scam.

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"If the email does not include your specific vehicle details, do not complete the online renewal transaction webpage that the email takes you to," NZTA said.

"If you think you've received a scam email, or you're unsure, please call us on 0800 108 809."

People who had received an email from NZTA or someone posing to be NZTA were told to read it carefully.

If it was sent from the NZTA, it would include specific details, including a vehicle's plate number, vehicle make and expiry date of the rego.

People were told not to delete the scam email if they received it, instead, put in your junk mail folder in case the police need it for examination.

What to do if you were caught out, or think you were?

• Contact your bank immediately and have them stop any payments that may have been made. You may also need to request a new credit/debit card.

• Report the email to your local police cyber-crime division.

• Go to the net safe website https://www.netsafe.org.nz/ and read their advisories. It is a very helpful resource for cyber safety.