Two police officers have been injured and a police car struck with an axe in a dramatic chase that ended with a man being tasered after he allegedly tried to make a getaway by stealing a car belonging to a member of the public.

The police car was allegedly struck after police pulled up a "vehicle of interest" about 4.30pm on Thursday, police said in a statement today.

A chase began but was abandoned after a vehicle allegedly rammed another police car at a roundabout on Devon St.

Police found the vehicle on Paradise Valley Rd and followed it for a time while road spikes and cordons were put in place. A police car was allegedly rammed again with two police officers getting minor injuries.


A vehicle was spiked along Paradise Valley Rd and eventually came to a stop on State Highway 5.

Police said a person allegedly tried to steal a vehicle belonging to a member of the public before being tasered by armed police.

A 25-year-old man has been arrested in relation to the incident and further inquiries are being made.