The National Party is proposing to fine cyclists who do not use separated cycleways.

Transport spokesman Chris Bishop wants to make it mandatory for cyclists to use dedicated lanes if they are there.

"Many cyclists do use the cycle path if it's separated from the road but some don't and what we're saying is if it is there, you have to use it," he said.


"That's the law in the Netherlands and that's the law in other countries and we think it's a good step forward for New Zealand."

Bishop said National would work with the Transport Agency to work out the amount people would be fined.

He said this was a part of National's transport ideas they will be announcing tomorrow.

"You're going to see a whole series of proposals around reducing our emissions, making our roads safer, improving the quality of roads in New Zealand, return to state highway building and of course making it easier for freight and New Zealanders to get around the country," he said.

But Cycling Action Network's Patrick Morgan said it was a dumb idea that would "stir conflict and hostility".

"It's punitive and unworkable," he said.

"Police have better things to do than hassle people on bikes."

Morgan said people flocked to high-quality, protected bike lanes, but most of New Zealand's bike lanes were in a sorry state.


"The best way to get people to use bike lanes is to build proper protected bike lanes."

"We need protection not slogans."

- additional reporting by Kim Moodie