When a thunderstorm struck Rotorua on Sunday night, most people were hiding for cover.

But the family of Kawhena Wiringi were out looking for their lost loved one in the hope the bad weather had brought him out into the open.

Wiringi hasn't been seen since November 15 at his whānau's Ngāpuna marae and police and his family are desperate for help to find him.

Wiringi, 30, suffers from a health condition, he hasn't accessed his money and his phone was left at his home.


His aunt, Kahu Mutu, whom he lived with, said unfortunately there had been no leads since publicity about Wiringi's disappearance.

Kawhena Wiringi.
Kawhena Wiringi.

"I was searching early hours (Monday) morning hoping the thunderstorm might have brought him out, but not yet."

A police spokeswoman said a missing person's report had been lodged last month by his family and police were making inquiries.

"If anyone has any information which may help, they're encouraged to get in touch with police."

If you have information about Wiringi, contact police on (07) 348 0099, 0800 CRIMESTOPPERS or 111 if you have an immediate confirmed sighting.